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Video:Autonomous Equipment in Agriculture IS HERE! Learn About Autonomous Capabilities & Watch Video

Haggerty Ag Robotics Company, along with staff from the OMAFRA, the HMGA and others established an Autonomous Working Group 2021 to layout a plan for testing autonomous vehicles in crop production over the summer of 2021. The initial focus has been on autonomous weeding of horticulture crops. This session, led by Chuck Baresich, General Manager of Haggerty Creek and Haggerty Ag Robotics, highlights what Autonomous Working Group has learned in 2021 and shares plans moving forward for 2022 — at the 2021 Virtual Precision Agriculture Conference & Ag Technology Showcase. Some of the equipment highlighted includes the Naio Oz and Dino Robots, the GOAT from Nexus Robotics, RoamIO HCT from Korechi, OmniPower and OmniDrive from Raven, as well as some others.


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