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Article: Naio Technologies launches Augmented Autonomy at Agritechnica

Augmented Autonomy, an innovation from Naïo Technologies, the leading company in agricultural robotics, enables their entire fleet of robots to operate autonomously, without a human operator. This results in significant time savings and increased efficiency.

Hanover (Agritechnica), November 13, 2023:

Naïo is the sole manufacturer in the agricultural robotics sector that has developed Augmented Autonomy. This revolutionary technology allows the robot fleet to function fully autonomously, while adhering to all regulatory and safety requirements, paving the way for more efficient and sustainable agriculture,” states Aymeric Barthes, co-founder of Naïo Technologies. The French company, located near Toulouse, is the only one to offer a CE and FCC certified autonomy for both its light and heavy robots. Naïo assumes liability in the event of an incident, provided the usage conditions are respected.

Farmers can allocate more time to high-value tasks with the help of these robots. Autonomous machines, requiring no supervision, are a solution to the escalating global labor shortage. The robots’ precise “plant by plant” action ensures quality work, offering more flexibility to intervene at just the right time and causing less soil compaction. Furthermore, these robots, being 100% electric, emit less carbon and through mechanical weeding, reduce the use of chemical inputs and GNR consumption.

Security is paramount. The “geofencing” module prevents the robot from leaving a predefined area when it operates in autonomous mode without needing an infrastructure (fixed antenna…). Obstacle detection systems have also been patented. Naïo also offers a certified training program. It gives operators the means to determine, from a technical and legal point of view, whether interventions can operate in Augmented Autonomy. This mode of work requires prior approval from Naïo or its representative on the relevant plots.

Augmented Autonomy is a long-term solution, set to evolve further. “This is the beginning of a journey that will place robots at the center of a connected farm ecosystem,” Aymeric Barthes predicts. The robots and services offered by Naïo are designed to protect soil and optimize yield. Integrated with analysis and artificial intelligence tools, these robots will increasingly handle tasks throughout the crop cycle, further optimizing interventions, ensuring traceability, and safeguarding soils and the environment.


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