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Podcast: Ag Robotics in Reality

Inputs: The Podcast by Top Crop Manager

With all of the technology implemented in modern agriculture, automation and robotics is likely the next logical leap – but it can feel like an exceptionally large one for many. Between the economic, technological, and reliability considerations, there’s the added difficulty of knowing which machine might work best for your operation, and whether it can do what it’s supposed to. In Ontario, the AgRobotics Working Group has been hard at work for a few years to make things clearer and more approachable.

In this episode of Inputs, Eastern editor Alex Barnard chats with Chuck Baresich, general manager of Haggerty Creek Ltd. president of Haggerty AgRobotics, in Bothwell, Ont., and member of the Ontario AgRobotics Working Group. Baresich discusses reframing how we think about return on investment (ROI) regarding robotics, the robots Haggerty trials and demonstrates, and the responses they’ve received from farmers, as well as some possible next steps for ag robotics adoption in Ontario.

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