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Precision Ag

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Haggerty AgRobotics is a supplier of precision application tools.  Not just selling them, but helping our customers  make them work the way they are supposed to.  We use our farming knowledge to properly recommend only the products that our customers need.

We are a dealer for Raven Precision products and have experience in other brands as well.

Field Computers

Field Computers

Viper 4+

Viper 4+ is the go-to in-cab display, giving ag retailers and custom applicators the ultimate data management experience powered by Raven Operating Software. Used for seeding, spraying, spreading, and more applications, Viper 4+ connects you to the ecosystem of analytics that help you gain operational efficiencies. It integrates with Raven’s full line of products into one networked platform with easy job set-up, fewer touches, and greater efficiency.

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Raven’s lightest and most cost-efficient display, CR7, is intuitive and easy to use. The CR7 is a 7-inch lightweight field computer with customizable in-job layouts. A simple widget concept, easily accessible settings, and ISO Universal Terminal (UT) and Task Controller capabilities make this mighty unit an affordable plug-and-play system.

Steering & Guidance



RS1 is a high-powered guidance and connectivity system that combines these three functionalities into one intuitive, easy-to-use unit:

  • Autosteer: Steers the machine so the operator can focus on the operation.

  • GNSS and RTK: Helps guide the machine’s travel path.

  • Slingshot Connectivity: Utilizes compatibility with Viper 4+ for remote job support and analysis of operational efficiencies. Provides unrivaled high-speed wireless connectivity, vehicle tracking, uninterrupted data transfer, and industry leading RTK corrections.



DirecSteer is Raven’s most intuitive retrofit autosteer solution for tractors and self-propelled farm machines. Its electric drive packs high torque and silent operation into a cost-competitive, easy-to-install unit for all equipment brands.

  • Scalable from sub-meter to sub-inch precision.

  • Consistent in all field conditions.

  • Compatible with all major equipment brands.

  • Easy to install and transfer between machines.

VSN Visual Guidance

VSN is a non-contact camera-based unit that transforms machine guidance through emerged to full canopy crops. It feeds highly precise, instantaneous crop row information to the auto steering component, RS1, allowing the machine to adapt to row variances in real-time so crops stay unharmed. VSN allows operators drive damage-free at speeds up to 20 mph, covering more acres in a day and maximizing yield and ROI.

Application Conrols

Application Controls

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Rate Control Module (RCM)

The Rate Control Module (RCM) is the most versatile controller on the market and was created to make your time in the field easier. Built on our legacy of application innovation, this state-of-the-art module can run up to six profiles, accepts device plug-ins, and instantly recognizes every program and file. RCM makes it easy to start your workflow immediately — hassle-free.

RCM fits a variety of applications — product and granular control, anhydrous ammonia, air carts, generic applicators, planters, and seeders. It runs the same interface for displays, machines, sensors, radars, guidance systems, and more.

Hawkeye 2 Nozzle Control

Hawkeye 2 Nozzle Control takes sprayer efficiency to a new level with ultimate flow control, accuracy, and field durability. The system features individual on/off nozzle control valves that operate with extreme accuracy and can self-adjust to turn, contours, and headlands to avoid over- and under-spray. You’ll use fewer chemicals, cover crops with exact amounts, travel at faster speeds, and make fewer tip changes — all while improving coverage quality and minimizing input costs.

Autoboom XRT

AutoBoom XRT maintains optimal spray height for maximum product efficacy. The AutoBoom® XRT radar sensors monitor the ground, canopy height, and machine movement — then use the information to automatically adjust the boom to stay within its intended position. As a result, the boom stays closer to the target height with less variability, maximizing boom life and minimizing crop damage.

Sidekick PRo.png

Sidekick Pro Direct Injection

The Sidekick Pro direct injection system executes chemical applications with unprecedented precision, savings, and safety. First, no tank mixing is required — Sidekick Pro automatically adds the correct amount of product directly into the stream of your sprayer booms. This prevents cross-contamination and reduces waste from unused product. Also, with the automatic calibration feature, you’re ready to go in minutes. When you’re finished, Sidekick Pro’s Rinse Assist automatically flushes the pump quickly and thoroughly so you don’t have to.

Connectivit & Logistics

Connectivity & Logistics


Slingshot is a suite of services that syncs the farm operations from the field to the office. With its connectivity and logistics features, Slingshot increases accuracy and visibility across all your machines, fields, and jobs. This connectivity provides a large range of real-time dispatch, information sharing, monitoring, and reporting analytics to increase accuracy and efficiency — right from your computer, tablet, or cell phone.

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