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Haggerty AgRobotics is a leader in the emerging agriculture robotics and automation industry. For several years, Chuck Baresich, Founder and President, has been researching and testing various technologies on the Haggerty Creek farming operation.


The farming operation is part of Haggerty Creek Ltd. owned & operated by Chuck & Justin Baresich and AGRIS Cooperative since 2001


As we look to the future, Haggerty AgRobotics is developing relationships with the leading ag technology companies to commercialize and bring new innovations to farmers in Eastern Canada.


Our Team

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Jason Gharibo
Project Manager
  • Jason Gharibo
Chuck Baresich
President and Founder
  • Chuck Baresich LinkedIn
  • Chuck Baresich Twitter
Grant Elgie
Agriculture Innovation Lead
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Joe Dales
  • Joe Dales LinkedIn
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Kurtis Eisler
Product Partnerships Manager
  • Kurtis Eisler
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Perry Ireland
Precision Ag Technician
working group

AgRobotics Working Group

The AgRobotics Working Group comprises a diverse membership, including representatives from various levels of government, academic institutions, industry associations, and many more stakeholders in the agriculture sector. Since our establishment in March 2021, we have been dedicated to on-farm demonstrations, fostering networks, facilitating collaboration, and brainstorming innovative technology solutions. Our weekly meetings serve as a platform for discussing ideas, reviewing new technologies, applying for funding opportunities, and developing priorities for Ontario Agriculture.

innovation farms
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Innovation Farms

Innovation Farms Ontario is a member of the Canadian demonstration farm network where innovative, emerging technology is developed and tested. The results and benefits of different technologies in the emerging agriculture robotics and automation industry are shared with producers to optimize current farming practices and future decisions.

Haggerty AgRobotics works closely with this 2,000+ acre full-scale production farm throughout its testing, research, and technology development to help drive agricultural innovation forward.

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